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Facial Aesthetics

Willowbrook dental are pleased to now offer the latest in facial rejuvenation procedures such as anti wrinkle and dermal filler treatments.

By restoring loss of volume in areas such as the cheeks and lips or reducing the appearance of lines on the forehead we can dramatically reduce the effects of aging. The results of these treatments can be seen immediately and can make you look and feel years younger – softening fine lines, wrinkles and brightening the complexion.

We offer a free consultation and skin analysis for all facial aesthetics and so if you are interested in this treatment would like to find out more, please call us on 0116 262 1151

Price List: Botox® and Dermal Fillers

Anti-wrinkle treatments (Botox®)
Anti-wrinkle injections – 1 area   £150
Anti-wrinkle injections – 2 areas   £200
Anti-wrinkle injections – 3 areas   £250
Treatment of gummy smile   £100
Browlift   £50
Jawline slimming injections   £250
Neck lift (Nefertiti Neck Lift)   £300
Hyperhydrosis – treatment for excessive sweating (both underarms)   £400
Dermal filler treatments:
Nose to mouth lines (Nasolabial lines) 1ml / 2ml   £250 / £400
Corner of mouth lines (Marionette) 1ml / 2ml   £250/ £400
Lip enhancement – 1ml   £200
Lip enhancement- 2ml (requires 2 visits)   £360
Cheek filler/ lift – 1ml / 2ml   £300 / £450
Chin filler- 1ml / 2ml   £250 / £400
Jawline filler (provides definition and enhancement ) – 2ml   £450
Nose filler (Non-surgical Rhinoplasty)   £450
Dark circle/ Sunken eye correction (Tear trough filler)   £400
Hand filler   £300
Jawline filler (provides definition and enhancement ) – 2ml   £450



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